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Our Basic Concept

Professionals that link practical business with management

The fast-changing business environment of today requires management divisions such as accounting, finance, human resource, and internal control departments to provide various type of information in a timely, accurate, and relevant way for both internal and external use. Moreover, these divisions are faced with the legal and practical challenge of learning frequently amended regulations while handling their own tasks at the same time. Thus, there is never enough time for them to analyze a company's figures, prepare a future plan for the company, and implement that plan.

We offer business process outsourcing (BPO) conducted by professionals to reduce our customers' workload and allow them to concentrate on their core business. Our BPO is a fully integrated service composed of consulting and outsourcing services. It starts from understanding customers' management tasks and constructing or reconstructing their business processes appropriately in terms of human resources and IT systems. Then experienced professionals carry out part of this operation.

Our BPO does not just cover management tasks or consulting to draw out suggestions for improvement; rather, we think for our customers, take actions, get involved in the real work with them, and share the joy of achievement with them

We aim to be a strong business partner that links practical business with management.