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BPO services by our professionals

We are mainly backed by qualified professionals such as certified public accountants, tax accountants, and certified social insurance and labor consultants. In other words, we can provide a one-stop BPO service by bringing together all their knowledge and experience.

We customize our support by having our expert team members, consisting of experienced professionals and staff, combine their expertise and provide integrated professional services that meet each customer's needs.

In this way, we provide comprehensive support services from outsourcing of operations in actual business through to helping the management make decisions.

Our service lines are broadly classified into business management support and business strategy support. In particular, our core services are as follows:

We offer a unique combination of services to meet our customers' needs



Business Management Support

Our business management support BPO service follows the PDCA cycle.

  1. Plan (we establish a plan to improve business operations)
  2. Do (we implement the plan for improving business operations)
  3. Check (we study the results of the plan for improving business operations)
  4. Act (we act on the differences between the actual and planned results in collaboration with customers)

We communicate with our customers face-to-face and establish a plan for improving operations. We implement the plan to enhance and streamline the work flow from preparing disclosure documents to management reporting in the field of accounting. We check the actual results and compare them with the expected results. Then we act on differences between the actual and planned results. In this way, we provide full support at each stage of creating, implementing, studying, and acting on the plan.


Main Services

  • Support for consolidated financial reporting
  • Support for preparing disclosure documents
  • IFRS conversion support
  • Management outsourcing
  • Support for establishing and evaluating internal control



Business Strategy Support

In support for IPOs, we provide comprehensive services for customers preparing for an IPO, from conducting preliminary research and formulating an asset strategy through to organizing an internal control systems (including J-SOX compliance), preparing application documents, and ensuring compliance with listing standards. Combining the BPO provided by experts with our IPO experience, we thoroughly support our customers in their preparations for listing and reduce their workload after listing.
In our transaction services, we evaluate our customers' advantages and disadvantages in each process of an M&A and internal organization restructuring from both accounting and tax aspects to help management make decisions.


Main Services

  • Support for IPOs
  • Transaction Services (structuring and advice, due diligence in the financial and tax fields, support for preparing financial statements, etc.)




Main Services

Business Succession Support

In our business succession support, we help customers to smoothly transfer business from the stage of establishing a business succession plan through to its implementation.
In the stage of establishing a business succession plan, we analyze the current situation and evaluate the source of business value to help customers formulate a plan, considering both the succession of business philosophy or management know-how and the succession of business assets.
In the stage of transferring the business, we support our customers from various perspectives including organization of a business management framework, training of successors, planning for inheritance tax and gift tax, and assessment of M&A schemes that are suited to their business succession method.

Overseas Expansion Support

We provide support and business advisory services that match our customers' needs in various stages of overseas business expansion. Such stages include establishing a new overseas company and ensuring compliance with the tax and accounting regulations of each country after the expansion.

Human Resource Development & Training

We help customers to streamline and enhance their account settlement from a human resource aspect by providing education and training with emphasis on the practical aspects of accounting and disclosure in actual operations. We offer a variety of training programs that can accommodate various needs, such as a progressive series of training sessions for improving accounting skills and themed training on consolidated reporting.